Introduction to Natha Yoga and Shiva Tattva
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The Nath Sampradaya is an ancient Indian tradition where the devotees are the spiritual custodians of Hatha Yoga and Tantra. Nathas consider Shiva (Adinath) as their first Guru and Matsyendra as the forefather of the Nath Tradition and therefore Yoga.
Biography of a Russian Yogi
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By Keith Simons

This is not an ordinary biography. It is as much an inner story as an outer one. And someone who has an inner life as rich as Yogi does, naturally provides teachings through the telling of the outer biography. Yogi has dedicated his life to a deep and enthusiastic pursuit of the ancient path of Yoga and Tantra. Unlike many Western interpretations that trivialise these topics, Yogi presents a profound and illuminating journey through this mystical terrain. Yogi Matsyendranath is the Western world's spiritual leader of the Nath Yoga tradition.

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E-book — PDF file: $12
This booklet contains the description of the technique called “Dvādaśānta”, as well as some elements of the “subtle anatomy” (the metaphysical concepts of Yoga and Tantra) having direct relation to it. Such elements as tat­tvas, cakras, ādhāras, lakṣyas and others are involved in various forms of practice associated with Dvādaśānta as well. Knowledge of them and their interrelation is necessary in order to have an adequate notion of proper practice as well as for the usage of this knowledge as the potential goal in attainment of personal experience. Although it is required to receive all the practical nuances as transmission from an experienced master in person, the material represented in this booklet may serve as the basis for further study of Dvādaśānta practice.